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What Mennonites Believe (General)

Here are some of the things that the Mennonites believed.


•  The Bible is the best and only guide to life.

•  It is important to put Jesus Christ at the centre of your life.

•  Believers should live a life of love and peace-making.

•  No earthly government can take the place of God's laws and commands

•  You should live a holy life in a community of believers.


What does all that mean? In a nutshell, it means that Mennonites wanted to live a life of serving others, using Jesus' example as their model.


As far as they were able, Mennonites tried to act, live, and think as Jesus did. Because Mennonites put following Jesus above their country, their government, and other churches, these authorities often persecuted Mennonites. People who were not Mennonites did not like it that Mennonites tried so hard to separate themselves from society.


In the early days of the Mennonite movement, many died because of what they believed.


They were drowned.

They were burned alive.

They were executed in many other ways


Mennonites did not give up because of this. Instead, they saw suffering for their faith as an important way in which they could be more like Jesus. Even when faced with death, most Mennonites remained true to what they believed.


Mennonites would not even defend themselves when they were in personal danger. This was part of their specific theology of peace.

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