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Uncertainty in the Community

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The Mennonites promised to be loyal to the King, but not if it meant compromising their faith. The Mennonites had long believed in the separation of church and state. That meant that Mennonites would support the government as long as it did not mean disobeying their Mennonite faith. If the government, or state, passed a law that violated the faith of the Mennonites, it was more important to obey God than to obey the law. Mennonites knew that they might get in trouble for this, but they were willing to risk that.

The church advocated for the peace position and the majority in the Mennonite community agreed. 


 The Mennonites stood beside their peace position and generally agreed that they would not support active service in the military.  As a young man Wilson Hunsberger  agreed with the church's position, but understood it was not always clean cut.

If they did not agree with military service what other options did they have?

They would have to work that out with the government.

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