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You know that conscientious objectors refused to be involved in the war, so what would you think if you heard that they were involved in building one of the most outrageous weapons in Canadian history? You might not believe it, but its true. That's right. Without even knowing it, a group of peace-loving conscientious objectors helped to develop a top-secret model for the largest warship of all time.


How big was it?  


The plans called for a giant aircraft carrier to be 610 metres (2,000 feet) long. That's two and a half times as long as the Titanic! It was intended to be an aircraft carrier and, had it been built, it would have displaced twenty times more water than today's largest aircraft carrier.


But that isn't even the most interesting part of the story. If you are having a hard time believing this story, just wait until you hear best part. Bullets and bombs couldn't stop this ship. Why? Because it was made out of ice.

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