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Rev. Jacob Janzen

Rev. Janzen reflects on the nature of war. How could it be that police would come to search his home?

This wasn't the first act targeting Mennonites. Vandals had already broken into the Mennonite church and destroyed Sunday School material.

The RCMP officers arrived at 8:00 am. The surprised Janzen was in the middle of shaving.

Who were these men? Janzen soon found out.


Janzen had nothing to hide. They could search the whole house, he said, but they wouldn't find anything.

Janzen was an avid reader. Why were the officers suspicious of this?


The officers wanted to know if he was a German. Janzen's answer made them realize their question wasn't as simple as they thought.

Was Janzen praying that the Germans would win? No, he replied, war was wrong no matter who was fighting.

After looking around the house and interviewing Janzen, the men concluded that he was completely innocent.

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